Two things I learned today and other observations



Deer make quite a ruckus when they jump into the shallow end of a lake to get to the other side. Just as I was packing up from a little plein air painting tonight I heard a lot of splashing behind me, sure enough, two deer were navigating the lake to find a garden to explore.

Two things I learned today:

  1. You never know how much you rely on the index finger of your non dominant hand until you smash it on the doorframe as you carry heavy items into your home. Smashed the other fingers too, just that the index one took the brunt of it. It’s definitely sprained, don’t think it’s broken (really hope it’s not broken). Would cross my fingers, if I could for that one.

  2. Tick repellent spray doesn’t work for mosquitoes. Seems so obvious now but I had high hopes. Guess it’s a good idea to carry two kinds of bug spray. Either that or pick your foe: mosquitoes or ticks. And actually, I do have one that covers both, time to get it out again, it has a long very chemical sounding name.

Tried out a new surface tonight: brushed aluminum panels. I’ve been meaning to give it a try for some time. They’re very cold, both as feel and as visual temperature. I’ll give it another go but I think I’ll probably stick to my wooden boards that I prepare myself, they’re familiar, comfortable and warm, like an old friend.

Coming up this Tuesday, the first full moon in June

The moon rose just before the sunset this evening (after my sketching session). The moon is waxing towards a Tuesday full moon. Officially, it’s called a waxing Gibbous moon with 94 percent illumination, according the the internet search that provided the information. The nice thing about the first full moon in June is you can plant your garden without worry of frost (at least in Nova Scotia you can).

Busy busy

I’m so busy right now, in a happy way, not complaining- just in full flight mode. It sort of feels like this:

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