Sharing a quick view from the trail

🥾 Cobequid Trail, Old Barns, Nova Scotia

Nov 16, 2022

I was in Truro this afternoon and went down by the interpretive area where people watch the Tidal Bore in Lower Truro. Then decided to get my “steps” in (6987 so far today) along the Bay of Fundy along the Cobequid Trail in Old Barns.

The bore area was quiet and serene, clouds mirrored on the water’s surface. It was clear and sunny but also cold. The type of biting cold of late autumn that reminds you that it will snow soon.

Wish I had gloves with me. No socks on either - I like to see how far into the cold season I can get without having to resort to socks.

Today would have been a good day to cave and wear socks.

There were lots of people on the trail — smart people with hats, mitts, socks and boots. Walking dogs, riding bikes, taking it all in.

When I hopped back in the car, my hands felt frozen and numb. I shoved my left hand into my jacket and under my right armpit while I thumbed through some photos I just took with my right hand on my phone and the heat on full blast.

Hung around to watch a beautiful sunset and warmed up before dark dropped and I headed back to the city.

Wanted to share this with you. It’s an amazing place. The kind of place that can make your heart sing. ♥️