Oct 10, 2022 • 24M

A conversation with Shaughney Aston and Sherry Veinotte

Friends and collaborative textile artists also known as the Satupons

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Mary Ann Archibald
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Today’s podcast features Shaughney Aston and Sherry Veinotte. They’re friends and collaborative artists who create up-cycled, one-of-a-kind chairs and stools that feature hand hooked seats and tops.

Hope you enjoy their story, it was wonderful to learn about their art.

We’ll be sharing exhibition space at Art Lab Studios in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia from October 14 through November 3, 2022. Hope to see you there.

The following images are courtesy of the Satupons via their Facebook page.

A tryptic of a Maritime scene, images dear to the hearts of Shaughney Aston and Sherry Veinotte, friends and collaborative textile artists also known as the Satupons.
A collection of framed, hooked art by the Satupons.
Sherry Veinotte cooling hand-dyed textiles in the snow.
Results of hand-dyed wool.

To learn more about the Satupons, please visit their Facebook page

Links in this episode: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057312405319

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