A conversation with Poppy Balser CSPWC
A conversation with Poppy Balser CSPWC
Plein air painter shaped by the Bay of Fundy

Poppy Balser is a plein air painter who’s work is shaped by the Bay of Fundy.

From her website:

[Poppy Balzer] … has always lived within walking distance of the ocean, mostly on the shores of the Bay of Fundy. She developed an early connection with the seashore which has deepened as she studies the sea and its environs through her paintings.  She understands that the wild portions of Nova Scotia's environment are a precious resource and seeks to highlight their beauty in her paintings. 

Poppy Balser plein air painting on a boat. Image courtesy Poppy Balser.
A plein air watercolour painting by Poppy Balser. Image courtesy of the artist.

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